This weekend, conservative lawmakers including Sen.
Another example of långt the bauern xenophobia, Islamophobia and Obamaphobia that characterize right-wing rhetoric is found in Todd Starnes, an author nirvana and Fox News commentator who recently blamed the gardasjön president for orchestrating the protests in Ferguson,. .
BY, dREW courtney, following the failure of the GOP to recapture the White House in the last presidential election, rebranding was nicht a word that got ford knocked around a lot within party circles and in the media.The FRC as well as other primary sponsors kalorier of the event including the American Family Association, Liberty Counsel and American Values has been instrumental in encouraging the GOPs sendetermin continued rightward march and carries a great deal of influence over evangelical Tea Party voters who form.Tony Perkins, president of the FRC and a former Republican legislator, has attacked lgbt rights advocates city by painting the equality movement as a holocaust against Christians, warning that those opposed to equality could soon be heute put into boxcars.Whether participation at the summit is cold political calculation or a glimpse at some of their core convictions, it appears that we can count bordell on the next Republican candidate for president to do the bidding of those who seek to restrict the rights of others.Other Values Voter Summit speakers include twin brothers Jason and David Benham, who became a cause celebre dating for the Religious Right this year when an hgtv show they were slated to star in was cancelled following revelations of their anti-gay, anti-choice and anti-Muslim activism.Mat Staver, of the anti-gay legal group Liberty Counsel, called the legalization of same-sex marriage the beginning of the end of Western Civilization. . The presence of bauern GOP presidential hopefuls at events like the sucht Values Voter Summit makes clear that sucht they have no qualms about sharing a stage with extremists.
Drew Courtney is suche the überfallen director of sendetermin communications at People For the American sendetermin Way.
Bobby Jindal are slated heute to participate in what has become a rite of passage for presidential hopefuls of the GOP: courting the support of the Religious Right at the Family Research Councils (FRC) annual.Along with a heavy dose of homophobia, frau another staple of the Religious Right rhetorical circus is uncompromising contempt for the Obama administration and its bauer policy initiatives.In order to shore up the hemorrhaging support of women, ethnic and racial minorities, and young voters, it was agreed that the GOP platform would have to embrace less alienating positions on a variety of policy issues.A look at a few of the speakers scheduled to share the stage with leading Republican figures shows how grievously out of step the party frau is with the values of the American people.These statements are just the tip of the iceberg in demonstrating the bigotry that engulfs the Religious Right and that is always present at the Values Voter Summit.Many of the divisive Religious Right narratives are tied to the fear that Christianity is somehow threatened by the encroachment of lgbt equality, sendetermin reproductive rights, the separation of church and state or rights for religious minorities.

Some Things Never Change: The Values Voter Summit and the Dubious 'Rebranding' of the GOP.
Sandy Rios, who hosts a daily program on the American Family Associations radio network, has argued that the president was born outside the country and cited neuen a chain email to insist that one of Obamas first priorities as president was to resettle thousands of Palestinian.